Here is a list of services currently being offered by our team
(payable by cash or online via e-transfer or paypal)


Working with individuals, families, couples, teenagers, and children

Practitioner Lidia Damian

Working with individuals, families, couples,
teenagers, and children.


Individual Session – $80.00 (tax included)
Individual Session for children – session of 30 min are available – $50 (tax included)
Family session – please contact me for a free consultation
Couples – $120.00
Sessions are recommended in person.

Distance/Online sessions via skype or zoom are also available for situations that prevent the client to come in person or for Canadian citizens that are located outside Toronto.

Online psychotherapy sessions can be scheduled internationally only with Canadian citizens as part of my practice.


Mindfulness & Meditation


please contact us for more details and to indicate preferred practitioner:

Note: This session is based on individual needs – it can include breathing techniques, self-care, visualization and meditation
Contact me for an evaluation of your personal needs

Individual coaching Sessions with Children & teenagers


Art and other creative expressions for empowerment and support
Colour visualization and therapy
Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and provide calmness
Sound therapy
Mediation, visualization and mindfulness
Energetic balance to clear any imbalances and stress

Individual Life Coaching sessions


Create personal goals with clear understanding on your motivation, intention
Identify how some of the old patterns/beliefs may slow you on your journey to achieve your life you desire
Exercises and techniques that will enable and motivate you to define your life purpose(s), to develop, reinforce and achieve your personal goals

Energy Healing

please contact us for more details and to indicate preferred practitioner:

Reconnective Healing – 1 hour session – $80.00
Personal Reconnection – $333.00
Reiki Energy Healing – 1 hour session – $80.00
Rainbow Energy Healing – 1 hour session – $80.00

Rainbow Energy Healing uses the flowing, dynamic coloured light of Rainbow Energy along with archangel and ascended master guidance to help heal the energy systems of the human body. This can positively impact physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Rainbow Energy Healing works with 12 major chakras in the human energy field, including the traditional 7 major chakras, and 5 other higher vibrational chakras including the ear chakras, life purpose chakra, soul purpose chakra. soul connection chakra, and rainbow bridge chakra.

Rainbow Energy Healing reveals important guidance and removes significant blocks relating to the clients’ life purpose, their ability to hear and receive Divine guidance, their connection and functioning in harmony with others, soul groups, and how to express their unique Divine purpose. Rainbow Energy Healing helps to activate and empower our highest aspirations and life purpose functions.

Distance Energy
Healing Sessions

The energy healing sessions can also be conducted remotely.

As the client, you remain at home, laying on a bed or sitting comfortable in a quiet place with no interruptions during the 1 hour of time that the session is scheduled for. The Practitioner conducts the healing session exactly as if you were present on the healing table.

The benefits described are equally applicable whether the session is conducted in person or remotely. A combination Energy Healing Session and Consultation is recommended for first-time appointments and/or remote sessions.

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