Life Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative relationship that helps you make positive, desired changes in your life.

We honour You as the expert in your personal and professional life. We believe that every person has the answers they are seeking within them or they can unlock the solutions with a little help.

Our intentions as life coach are to help you:

Remove or replace ways of being and ways of thinking that are limiting your potential

Identify, clarify and align what you want to achieve, what are your goals

Obtain new insights, solutions and strategies

Unlock and reveal new possibilities and choices you never considered

Have more focus and clarity about what is important to you

Increase your awareness, acceptance and flexibility to take action

Transformation formula = Awareness + Acceptance + Action*

* Action = weighs 50% of success

Our approach in coaching is holistic – working with you on a multitude of areas of life that are important to you. Every aspect of our lives affects each other and finding solutions and fulfillment in one area can positively affect other areas and initiate change& transformation in a flawless way.

The areas covered in coaching:





Relationship with money


Life Balance


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