Children & Adolescents Coaching

Parenting is one of the hardest things we will ever do and be, but if you were to master this life lesson it can teach you the meaning of love.

If you consider for a moment that children are your gifts – and as parents you are merely their guardians, ensuring they are safe and loved and allowing their unique gifts to unfold in this lifetime – how would you treat these gifts? What would you really want for your children?

Good parenting is central and key to a child feeling connected and safe. Coaching is not meant to be an alternative to parenting, however, children, teenagers and later on young adults are meant to grow and to pull away from their parents, to find their own life path and purpose, while still loving you, their parents.

We work with children and teenagers to build their emotional intelligence and teach them how to sustain and enhance their positive changes.

Child Coaching


Help children create a positive belief system and attitudes towards themselves and others

Increased self-confidence, determination, resilience and strong emotional intelligence

Identify and express emotions in a healthy way

Increase ability to communicate with family and friends

Reduce anxiety and stress and learn how to cope with difficulties at home or at school.

Setting healthy boundaries clearly and confidently

Modalities and techniques
used with children in coaching sessions:

Supportive coaching through listening, talking and encouraging self-empowerment and intuition

Creative expression through art, drawing, writing, music, soundd others

Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualization

Teenager Coaching

One of the most difficult things for teenagers to do is to ask for help. Most of the time, their emotional struggles prevent them from considering their parents as resources.

The relationship between the teenager and the life coach will determine the success of the life coaching sessions. The coach will assess the teen’s circumstances, beliefs and values and adjust the program to the teen’s needs and goals.

Teen coaching is not for every teenager. It is suitable only for teens that want to be coached. If your teen is not ready, you can trust their decision and the coach will refer you and your teenager to other services that may suit their needs better.


Provide tools/exercises to identify and express emotions in a healthy way

Recognize anxiety triggers, anxiety in disguise, thought distortions, constant worrying

Overcoming difficulties at home, at school, in the social world, panic attacks, fear of public speaking, self-esteem & self-worth views.

Learn when to concentrate and when to let your mind flow freely, how to be present and in touch with Self and the environment with the right tools.

Create new thought patterns, new habits, new desires, new values, new needs and a better, happier life based on teenager’s unique qualities and strengths

Develop practical goals to increase self-confidence, determination, taking charge of their life and their future

Create a clear vision of desired goals in life and define concrete steps to pursue that vision

Modalities and techniques
used with Teenagers in coaching sessions:

Identifying healthy ways of coping with worry, anxiety triggers, stress, panic attacks

Understanding and expanding the vocabulary of emotions and their specific information

Mindfulness practices – paying attention to the present, the power of singletasking, body scan practice

Bringing mindfulness to your everyday activities: breathing exercises, through music, alone time, your personal space, calming your mind for sleep, staying calm in stressful situations like class presentations, or through tests and exams’ anxiety, in interactions with difficult people, performing under pressure

Meditation & visualization exercises


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